To borrow any equipment from tech support for use on-site (eg laptops, cameras etc) you must follow these procedures. If you would like to borrow any equipment for use off-site, you will need to fill in an equipment borrowing form on your computer (can be found on the server in StaffShare --> Forms) and then print it out, have it signed by your Head Teacher, and then bring it to TSU: 

  1. Request: To request any equipment for use on a specific day please submit a tech ticket in a timely fashion (ie not the afternoon on the day before your lesson) stating exactly what equipment you require, which specific room you will be using and the date you are requiring it for. 
  2. Pick-up: To pick up the equipment on the requested day, come to the tech support office as early as possible in the morning and sign the equipment out. Please ensure you have tested the equipment prior to the lesson day to ensure your files work as intended. 
  3. Return: The equipment must be returned and signed back in the same day as you have borrowed it as it will be needed by other staff, so it is recommended that when you pick it up in the morning, you arrange a suitable time to return the equipment to the tech support office in the afternoon.